Quality is our prime motto. Quality being of prime importance, all our activities revolves around managing and maintaining an efficient Quality Management System. This provides the basis required for reliable planning, management and implementation of the quality characteristics in an organized and reproducible form. The focus is on a process-orientated approach. All the areas from initial client contacts to final inspection and product dispatch are closely monitored by proficient people. The entire team of the company works as one functional unit towards a common goal of efficient Quality Management.

Prime Preciturns supplies only industrial quality products designed to stand up to the most rigorous applications. We get our raw material & products certified by an accredited laboratory and the rigorous testing requirements of our numerous products are conducted under the watchful eye of the certifying bodies.

Continuous improvement is an ongoing process at IBC. We have streamlined our quality assurance program to meet the ISO 9001:2008 standards. By implementing new and advanced stages to our inspection, testing and packaging procedures, our quality control system will meet or exceed ISO requirements and our customer’s needs. All products made or received by IBC are subjected to thorough testing and inspections. We calibrate measuring instruments certified by NABL accredited laboratories.


Prime Preciturns’s goal is to provide the highest quality of Product and Customer Satisfaction. We will achieve this through monitoring and continually improving our performance, based on distinct objectives and customer needs.

We will be responsive to customer needs and provide maximum satisfaction based on persistent sincerity and ceaseless efforts.

To become a customer-driven company supplying quality products at competitive prices at the expected time and providing excellent customer support.


Company has Conventional and semi conventional machinery to produce good Quality of Products.


Company has unique Inspection facility to achieve the goal to zero defects and rejection of any products manufactured well experienced and regularly trained, technocrat engineers, carry out the Inspection on each Individual product. Batch Inspection is not permitted in the company.


As the Instruments are the heartbeats of Quality products, to assure good quality and competent Instruments are required. Company has invested a good amount behind this to have majority type of Inspection instruments including all general purpose in instruments and gauges along with the profile projector and other sensitive instruments.


Each and every Instrument and Gauges are periodically calibrated, to ensure the integrity of measurement preventive.


The company had documented procedure to conduct the preventive maintenance of each and every machinery and instruments.


It is the all-time practice of the company to train the entire staff at regular interval to keep updated the strength of the company to produce the excellent quality of the products, that meets with the highest level of the customer satisfaction as all the time. Periodic training is provided to all employees to make things Easier, Faster & cost-effective. Periodic measurement of employees’ skills & capabilities is tested in relation to Matrix Skill & competence skills.


Health & Safety of all the employees is utmost importance at RMS Precision Products. We aim to eliminate, control or reduce the workplace hazards & associated risk of illness or injuries to the employees, Customers, Contractors & all those who might be affected by our business activities.

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